Monday, September 28, 2009

On to Infobarrel

Well, I was very excited to apply with Suite 101, but my application was denied. I think I need to strengthen my writing a little more and will probably apply with them at some point in the future. They do only accept 20% of applicants, so I really need to get a little stronger before trying again.

However. For now I am giving Infobarrel a shot. It utilizes Google AdSense as a means of payment, offering a nice share of ad revenue. The writing style seems easy to work with, and the residual income will be much appreciated. Every little bit helps when trying to become a stay at home mom. Plus, having multiple streams of residuals is always a good bet. 

I plan to go through my eHow library to spawn ideas for Infobarrel articles. Not to copy them, just for brainstorming purposes. Their writing also does not have to be in the how-to format, which opens up a lot of possibilities to write about. This is an exciting step for me, definitely a way to broaden the writing horizons! On the bright side, I had to write two sample articles to apply on Suite 101, so my first two submissions are already taken care of. 

I'll keep this updated with progress with Infobarrel. I do think this will be a great opportunity in my journey to become a stay at home mome.

Infobarrel does have a referral program, so if you are interested in writing for Infobarrel please check out this link


  1. I love infobarrel. The earnings aren't bad either. The site is user friendly and if you have to email a question or comment they get back to you right away. I think you will like it there.

  2. Thanks, Edieness, that is good to hear!

  3. Hey bar10dr98,

    I'm glad you are giving Infobarrel a shot! We are growing pretty rapidly and are always open to suggestions.

    Thanks again for writing about us and don't forget to check out our ongoing contests for chances to win prizes and a larger percent of the revenue share.

    Ryan (from Infobarrel)

  4. Thanks for the welcome, Ryan. I am looking forward to getting started!