Thursday, August 27, 2009

I don't want to go to work!

So I feel like I'm making progress toward becoming a stay at home mom, but unfortunately I'm not there yet. I have to go to work tonight. I'm actually a little frightened that I would rather be home washing dishes and doing laundry instead of going in and bartending! But there's a few other writing sites I'd like to check out and just can't find the time.
eHow has been going okay, but I need to put some more time into it. They just had another round of article sweeps, and I lost two articles. Not big earners by any stretch and I'm not surprised I lost those two. I am averaging around $100 a month residual income on eHow on 158 articles. I would like to get back into the habit of writing a couple articles per day for eHow and up that residual income as much as possible. I will cover eHow in the near future, ways to use SEO in your articles, article exposure, choosing photos, and choosing the correct keywords to attract a larger audience. eHow is very satisfying work, I wish I had more time to devote to it. The eHow community and forum have been invaluable in learning the ropes and getting started with writing online. There are some fantastic and helpful people over there! Plus, it's rather addictive to log in each day and see what article is getting the most views and earning while I sleep. I really like that part!

There are writers at eHow making well over $1000 per month, some double or triple that amount. Several of them have written guides that outline how they have achieved their success. And the best part is that money is residual, meaning it just keeps on earning even if you never write another article. How cool is that?! The guide that I purchased and have greatly benefited from can be found here, it was written by eHow user WriterGig, and she is very helpful and friendly. She often answers questions via the eHow forum for free. WriterGig has a large library of quality articles and has mastered how to get the most income from each. For an investment of $25, you can almost guarantee to make that back the first month in income. It certainly made a difference to me!
This journey to become a stay at home mom certainly isn't going to happen overnight, but I do feel like I'm making small steps in that direction. As long as the direction is moving forward, it's a start. I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and finally feel certain it's not just an oncoming train!

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