Friday, December 18, 2009

MTurk Issues!

I woke up today thinking I got the shaft in a huge way from MTurk. Huge. BUT I found out one thing today, if you have a problem, start writing emails. I completed a very large batch of HITS yesterday for, and woke up today to find all of them rejected. I was positive I'd followed the directions to the letter, so needless to say I was very upset.
It wasn't just the money, which the amount for MTurk is kind of a lot. But my credibility rating fell through the floor, limiting what work I can do. I was furious, I felt scammed.

Here's what I learned today. has it's own clients, and the clients of them is who approves or rejects work. Thankfully, when made aware of a problem, DOES go above and beyond to rectify the issue. They worked with me and their client to come to a peaceful resolution, I am very impressed.
Although once work is rejected, it's stuck with no way to unreject, I was paid for my work with a nice bonus. All within a couple hours of firing off that first email. I'll say I was given enough of a bonus to keep me happy, as it will make up for the lost work for a little while. I have a large amount of HITS outstanding for another requestor I work with daily, so in time my rating will come back up to an acceptable level. I feel I've been compensated in the meantime.

So, in short, THANK YOU for taking the time to work this out. I was very impressed with the communication, and obviously happy with the end result. I'd be happier if my approval status was back up to par, but like I said, I think we came to a fair resolution. It's nice to find integrity on MTurk!


  1. On behalf of the Smartsheet Client that posted the work request you performed, our apologies. We have hunreds of different people out there posting work through the Smartsheet tool, and you can differentiate them by their unique client id. That of course does not help you with the situation that just occured.

    While Amazon does not provide us a means to fix the impact on your approval rating, we will be crediting you account a payment exceeding the amount you are owed.

    Again, apologies for this incident, and I speak for the other clients out there in thanking you for the good work you've done for us in the past.

    -Brent Frei

  2. Brent, IF you follow through with attempting to correct this wrong, I will give you kudos. I understand sometimes mistakes are made, and if you can at least attempt to rectify this, then that is a very positive sign for your company. Thank you for taking the time to look into this. --Ann