Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coloring book fun!

Today we're going to have a little fun. Gracie's discovered the joy of coloring, and we are just plain out of coloring books. So why not make our own? Downloading coloring pages is a great way to make a customized coloring book, and it's free, too! There are pages with just about any theme you can think of out floating around on the net, waiting to hit your printer and make your child as happy as can be.

Today we're going to focus on finding Elmo and Spongebob coloring pages, two of the favorite characters in this house. I'll be putting them together into a binder so Gracie can have her very own coloring book, customized just for her.

I think these will be much better to save in a hope chest than a ratty old coloring book. Somewhat of a better protected "best of," in a sense. We already have a spare binder laying around, so they'll be protected and kept neat.

The only dilemma is whether to start a new folder of coloring pages with each topic or season, or just keep adding to the original one. Either way, it will be neat to see how her coloring abilities progress throughout the years. 

Now if we could only keep the coloring limited to the coloring pages or books. Oh boy, if I could count all the surfaces G has colored on in this house! And for the record, Windex will take Sharpie marker off a computer screen. I found this out the hard way!

All in all, downloading coloring pages is an affordable way to have a little bit of fun, customized for each child. What could be better than that!

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