Monday, November 30, 2009


So we survived Thanksgiving, and the fluffy pumpkin pie was delicious. Rushing around and visiting left little time to clean house, so as per usual on Mondays, I'm tackling housework with a vengance. Well, when I get a little more motivated I will!

I rearranged the living room over the weekend to allow more play area for Gracie. She has her own little corner now with her toybox and doll baby bed, plus her favorite box she likes to use as a playhouse. It's funny how just moving a recliner and scooting the couch a foot can make such a huge difference!

Once I get a little more clutter out of the way it's time to dig out the Christmas decorations. I hate to admit it, but the vast majority of my Christmas decorations are buried deep in the back of an over stuffed storage unit! There's enough here to do a little decorating and a smallish tree. Gracie's really a fan of the big gaudy yard displays, so I'm afraid I'll have to go buy some more to make her happy. 

I'm thinking of digging in and making something crafty to add to the decorations we already have. Years ago my oldest daughter brought home a wreath made at school, made by tying strips of decorative fabric around a coat hanger that was twisted into a circle. It's one of my favorite Christmas decorations! I have oodles of fabric laying around, so I think I'll enlist Gracie's help to make a new one.

All in all, Mondays are... well, Mondays around here. It's raining and cold, and a ton of housework awaits. It's the perfect day to whip up a crock pot dinner and just dig in. Thankfully, with a "new" play area, I'll have one less toddler under my feet as I clean. A girl can dream, right?

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